Membership Options

V.I.P. Membership

Join our VIP monthly membership and receive any one of our massage therapy or basic facial treatments for $65 a month, plus receive up to 15% off discounts on all additional individual massage and facial services within the month
• 6 months 10% off/12 months 15% off
• Signature and select massage/facial services excluded
Plans range from 6-12 months



Pre-Paid Package Options

FLEX Pass Discounts
(Pre-Paid Packages (hourly))

Sign up for our pre‐paid FLEX PASS and select any service on the menu (excluding facial services with series and body contouring services) to use “At Will”. Share your Flex Pass hours with a spouse or a friend or simply give them as a gift.
• 6‐hours Spa FLEX PASS ‐ $420
• 6-30 minute Acupuncture FLEX PASS ‐ $345
• 12‐hours Spa FLEX PASS ‐ $800
• 12-30 minute Acupuncture FLEX PASS ‐ $660

Facial Packages
(Series/Visits Option)

The beauty of selecting this package option is that it allows you to:

  • Select from our list of premium facial services
    – Select 3, 5, 6, 7 or 9 visits
  • Choose Number of Visits, not hours
  • Be selfish! Schedule some ‘Me’ time!

Package exclusive to Purchaser!

Use the services “At-Will” anytime within one (1) year of the purchase date. This package is exclusive to you!


Pre-paid Packages are non-refundable.  Cancellation of VIP memberships before contract terms require a $65 cancellation fee.