Non-Invasive Mesotherapy

Why should you consider Mesotherapy?

Instant effects of noticeable, youthful skin are seen after the first treatment! A series is preferred.

What areas are treated?

  • Face
  • Neck and decollete

Who is this treatment good for?

Both women and men can benefit from non-invasive mesotherapy. Over time, the skin endures loss of certain vitamins and nutrients like hyaluronic acid.

How does this treatment work and what methods are used?

It’s painless, with no limitations or requirements for special post-care. This facial uses the process, electroporation. It uses short, modulated pulses to create translucent openings in the pores, disrupting the cell membrane to allow entry of products. When the pulse ceases, the cell closes, leaving the penetrated product in the cell in place.

How will I feel after my first treatment?

You will feel comfortable and relaxed, like after a good massage. You will feel fresh with restored energy levels because the blood circulation is stimulated and oxygen and nutrients have been transported to their cells. Instant effects of youthful skin are noticeable, and lines and wrinkles are improved.

What can I expect after application to my body?

Circulation, metabolism and lymph flow are improved. Cellulite and fat are reduced. Muscles are toned and skin is firmed. Tissue on stretch marks or scars is regenerated.

What about wrinkles and aging?

Collagen and elastin increase. Skin is hydrated and toned. Expression lines and bags under the eyes are reduced.

How often are treatments needed?

Results can be seen after the first treatment but a series is preferred, with each treatment lasting about 50 minutes. Depending on the skin’s level of sensitivity, treatments have a break of 7-10 days in between. For faster results, two treatments per week can be performed. With a simple treatment, expect maintenance every 3-6 months.

How should I get started with this treatment?

A consultation will help determine how you should best coordinate non-invasive mesotherapy into any other treatments you have reserved with us. It’s most popular as the last stage of a full skin treatment, with specific peels.

50 Min $75

3 Series $225

6 Series $450



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