January 2020

4 Ways to Detox Your Body

The holidays have a way of promoting overindulgence, don’t they? The cycle usually begins around Thanksgiving when mom makes her beloved pie. Or let’s be honest, we pick one up from the nearest bakery, and that’s just as delicious (and bonus, less work)! One more drink becomes three more drinks and instead of being intentional with choices, we say “When in Rome!”

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December 2019

Party Season Makeup Guide

It’s time to bring out your party dresses and put on some new makeup. If you aren’t sure where to start, we’ve listed some festive, fun (and easy!) looks that you can use all throughout the holiday season!

1. Bright Eye Glitters

This look is all about the eyes. Let them shine with a gilded, glitter look that will complement any dress. We are partial to a gold glitter shadow, but choose a color if you’re feeling more daring! Finish it off by defining the outside corners of your eyes with black liner.

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November 2019

Top Skin Care Tips In Honor of National Healthy Skin Month

1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals in Products

Many retail products contain a large number of toxins. Don’t shop without expert advice!

2. Examine Your Skin Regularly

Look for new or unusual spots, itching, rashes or bleeding. Your skin is a window to health, and it’s important to check your skin regularly. This is especially true if you have a number of moles. Have an aesthetician look at your skin.

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August 2019

Is Your Vision Causing Muscle Tension

Do you have tension headaches or chronic tension in your upper body? How about neck and shoulder stiffness? Maybe you experience strain in the temples, forehead, neck, shoulders, or back, especially after a long period of working at a computer or reading a book? Read More