Your safety and wellbeing during this time is our priority. We have devised a strict set of protocols in order to keep our spa clean and safe for all of our clients. Our efforts include: The use of masks for all of our staff, cleaning and disinfecting between each service using hospital grade cleaner, professional deep cleaning and sterilization of our facilities. Our Spa is professionally sterilized using a medical grade fog that kills pathogens in large areas like hospital operating and patient rooms.  We use a two step process during which all areas are deep cleaned and sterilized, then an antimicrobial coating is added to make it difficult for bacteria and viruses to survive on surfaces. We are also proud to announce that our staff is BARBICIDE® certified!  We are very excited to be open for business and welcome you to our wonderful spa!
Our spa is sanitized in a two step process: First the areas are deep cleaned and sterilized. The second step is an antimicrobial coating, by performing this step on the already sterile surface, the coating makes it difficult for bacteria and viruses to survive on.

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