Cavitation/Multi-Polar RF/Laser Lipolysis (1 or 2 Areas)

This procedure is defined as "liposuction without liposuction" as it dissolves and removes unwanted fat cells without any surgical procedures, but through sound waves! Radio Frequency is and electromagnetic wave used to heat the skin and induce proliferation of new collagen so as to achieve the skin tightening effect and pulling, pigmentation improvement and wrinkle removal. Laser Lipo is a procedure for the tummy, arms, male breasts, hips and outer thighs. Red LED panels are placed on problem areas to reduce inches and girth by flattening the fat cells. (Legs are considered two areas as well as arms)

1 area: 5 series $600, 7 series $840, 9 series $1080

2 Areas: 5 Series $1075, 7 series $1505, 9 series $1935

| One 90 min session $270

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Come cocoon in this heat generated by infrared rays and reap the benefits of relaxed muscles and stimulated metabolism. Also dissolve, shrink, and eliminate fat cells and bloat. Also, a great lymph detoxification!

50 min $75



Both Lymphatic Drainage massage and Visceral Massage, are highly recommended after Cavitation/ Body contour treatments. Call to book or reserve below.

60 Min Visceral $65 | 60 Min Lymphatic Drainage $65

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