Spa Talk: Riviera Spa Massage
Beyond Pain Relief, Massage is Valuable for Preventive Care
By Crystal L. Bethea, Owner

Parts of this article first appeared in the Summer 2013 issue of Body

Massage therapy is highly effective for pain relief, but it is an amazing
preventive therapy as well. Massage helps build and maintain a healthy
body (and mind), it combats stress, and it works to keep the immune
system strong. In short, massage can keep on working for you, even
after the pain is gone.

Bodywork can play an important role in a good health-care regimen.
Just as you eat healthily, exercise regularly, and take your vitamins to
ward off illness and maintain a fit body, you should consider making
frequent massage a part of your wellness lifestyle.

From the perspective of daily living, think about the stress you felt at
today’s club meeting–now it’s hiding in your neck. Tomorrow that can
turn into stiffness and eventually begin to affect other parts of your
body. If you see your massage therapist for your regular session this
week, the chances are good you won’t reach the tipping point. Think of
it as a one-hour vacation with amazing return on investment.

Whether it be maintaining joint flexibility, managing blood pressure, or
enhancing immunity, massage works. From repair to relief and from
recovery to relaxation, massage is a magnificent piece of natural
medicine you should always have as part of your health-care routine.