Visceral Mobilization is the most powerful methodology used to free your organs!

By Crystal Bethea, owner of Riviera Spa Massage

Ask yourself… have you ever received bodywork on your abdomen due to any complications or symptoms you’ve experienced due to surgery or ailments? No? This is why we perform abdominal/visceral mobilization massage to help restore the functions of the affected organs and the body systems. Compared to this therapeutic technique, there is no other healthcare procedure or medication out there that can attain such a rapid elimination of venous stasis and reduction of lymph edemas. We attain this by releasing the adhesion/scar tissue that’s essentially binding through-out your abdomen.

The progression of disease and dysfunction can be attributed to the stagnation of blood to our vital organs. This slowing or stoppage of normal flow of body fluid creates a snowball effect of inflammations and abnormalities such as diverticulitis, IBS, constipation, infertility, prostatitis, acid reflux and even low back pain. The list goes on. Once these acute inflammations linger long enough, any condition can become chronic. Those chronic inflammations due to the lack of venous blood supply cause binding adhesion on your organs that can trigger cancer.

It’s important for us to bring awareness to this growing problem and to educate you on this simple method we use to help with the elimination of the abnormalities above-mentioned. Always consult your physician before receiving bodywork as this can be a joint effort in the customization of your treatments with us. Abdominal/Visceral mobilization massage promotes arterial blood supply, which is a gold standard treatment of diseases in the abdominal cavity. Each one, teach one and thank you for sharing!

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