SPA TALK: Now Your One Stop Shop For Wellness!

By Crystal Bethea Owner, Riviera Spa Massage

It seems like lately the world has gone crazy over Essential Oils!!! They are popping up EVERYWHERE, right?! Maybe you know someone who is using them. Maybe you have noticed some classes being offered by the Spa here in Solivita, but you are thinking WHY would anyone care about Essential OILS? WHAT are they FOR anyways??? What is all this Essential Oil hubbub?!?

Let me introduce myself & tell you “WHY” your beautiful Spa owner Crystal, has been offering these Essential Oil classes each month…

You matter.
Living your best life possible matters.
Supporting your health to fully ENJOY your best life absolutely matters.

My name is Colleen Holder & I am a Gold Mentor with Young Living Essential Oils.

There are SO MANY everyday uses I never even knew of & I cannot believe I lived my whole life that long with over 20 years of days I can “never get back” and never knew about this…Which is why sharing them with YOU has become my passion.

I am so grateful to my friend for reaching out when she did and I now know I have the power to choose a more natural path, making my own educated decisions to live my best life ever.

If somehow these classes bring any of you even a slice of joy…

I look forward to seeing you each month & continued education & wellness to all in Solivita & your friends, family & loved ones.


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