Spa Talk: Riviera Spa Massage By Crystal Bethea Owner


Healthy Aging & Skin

Health and vitality at any age is one of our core messages and one we believe in passionately here at the Riviera Spa and Fitness Center. And our professionals

would agree in saying that the spa is an excellent place to treat the entire body. Massage and exercise improves the appearance and condition of skin, and tones muscle tissue, thanks to improved local circulation.

In addition to my clients wanting to remain vital and active in Solivita, I recognized the increasing desire to want to look as young as they feel. This is why we chose to offer minimally invasive procedures to avoid the downtime and drastic changes in appearance associated with plastic surgery. We work to prevent cellular damage, dryness, and wrinkles. To prevent skin cancer, I would advise using sunscreen to protect ourselves.

We completely understand that the seasons of your life will bring yet more changes to your body and skin care needs. With that said, I encourage you to talk to one of our spa and fitness experts to help guide you through those changes and give you proactive self-care steps. Growing older doesn’t have to mean growing old.


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